EQUIPMENT HOSE/CPLG. SELECTION TECH. DATA EXT. & VERY HIGH PRESS. HOSE GS CPLGS. PCM CPLGS. PCS CPLGS. HIGH & MED. PRESS. HOSE MEGACRIMP ® CPLGS. PC CPLGS. FIELD ATTACHABLE CPLGS. AIR BRAKE HOSE & CPLGS. MEGATECH ® / C5 HOSE & CPLGS. LOW PRESS. HOSE & CPLGS. C14 HOSE & CPLGS. POLARSEAL ® HOSE & CPLGS. PWR. STG. HOSE & CPLGS. THERMO- PLASTIC HOSE & CPLGS. ADAPTERS QUICK DISCONNECT CPLGS. ACCESSORIES & ASSORT- MENTS PART NUMBER INDEXES F L E E T Aeroquip GATES 5100-S2-12B G95111-1212 5100-S2-16B G95111-1616 5100-S2-20B G95111-2020 5100-S2-24B G95111-2424 5100-S5-12B G95121-1212 5100-S5-16B G95121-1616 5100-S5-20B G95121-2020 5100-S5-24B G95121-2424 5601-12-12S G95621-1212 5601-16-16S G95621-1616 5601-4-4S G95621-0404 5601-6-6S G95621-0606 5601-8-10S? G95621-0808 5602-12-12S G95611-1212 5602-16-16S G95611-1616 5602-4-4S G95611-0404 5602-6-6S G95611-0606 5602-8-10S? G95611-0808 FD45-1002-12-12 G94511-1212 FD45-1002-16-16 G94511-1616 FD45-1002-4-4 G94511-0404 FD45-1002-6-6 G94511-0606 FD45-1002-8-10? G94511-0808 FD45-1003-12-12 G94521-1212 FD45-1003-16-16 G94521-1616 FD45-1003-4-4 G94521-0404 FD45-1003-6-6 G94521-0606 FD45-1003-8-10? G94521-0808 FD49-1001-04-04 G94921-0404 FD49-1001-06-06 G94921-0606 FD49-1001-08-06 G94921-0608 FD49-1002-06-06 G94911-0606 FD49-1002-08-06 G94911-0608 FD49-1004-08-06 G94912-0608 FD49-1005-08-06 G94922-0608 FD89-1001-06-06 G94921-0606 FD89-1001-08-06 G94921-0608 FD89-1001-08-08 G94921-0808 FD89-1001-12-12 G94921-1212 FD89-1001-16-16 G94921-1616 FD89-1002-04-04 G94911-0404 FD89-1002-06-06 G94911-0606 FD89-1002-08-06 G94911-0608 FD89-1002-08-08 G94911-0808 ?Gates ?8 body size connects with this competitor's ?10 sizes and offers better flow. M17 Quick Disconnect Couplers Interchange Cross-Reference Chart (Competitor to Gates) Dynaquip GATES DHP-12120 G94511-1212 DHP-16160 G94511-1616 DHP-440 G94511-0404 DHP-660 G94511-0606 DHP-880 G94511-0808 DHS-12120 G94521-1212 DHS-16160 G94521-1616 DHS-440 G94521-0404 DHS-660 G94521-0606 DHS-880 G94521-0808 Faster GATES 2FF134 NPT F G94921-1212 2FF134-34SAE F G94921-1212 2FF158-34SAE F G94922-1212 2FFI1 NPT F G94921-1616 2FFI1-1SAE F G94922-1616 2FFI12 NPT F G94921-0808 2FFI12 NPT M G94911-0808 2FFI12-12SAE F G94922-0808 2FFI12-12SAE M G94912-0808 2FFI12-34SAE F G94922-0812 2FFI12-34SAE M G94912-0812 2FFI14 NPT F G94921-0404 2FFI4 NPT M G94911-0404 2FFN312 NPT M G94911-0608 2FFN38 NPT F G94921-0606 2FFN38 NPT M G94911-0606 Faster (cont.) GATES 2FFN38-12 NPT F G94921-0608 2FFN38-12SAE F G94922-0608 2FFN38-12SAE M G94912-0608 3FFI1 NPT M G94911-1616 3FFI1-1SAE M G94912-1616 3FFI34 NPT M G94911-1212 3FFI34-34SAE M G94912-1212 3FFI58-34SAE M G94912-1012 ANV-12F G95621-0808 ANV-12M G95611-0808 ANV-14F G95621-0404 ANV-14M G95611-0404 ANV-1F G95621-1616 ANV-1M G95611-1616 ANV-34F G95621-1212 ANV-34M G95611-1212 ANV-38F G95621-0606 ANV-38M G95611-0606 FB16-1F G95121-1616 FB16-1M G95111-1616 FB20-114F G95121-2020 FB20-114M G95111-2020 FF-38-F G94921-0606 FF-38-M G94911-0606 HNV-1-F G94521-1616 HNV-1-M G94511-1616 HNV-12-F G94521-0808 HNV-12-M G94511-0808 HNV-14-F G94521-0404 HNV-14-M G94511-0404 HNV-34-F G94521-1212 HNV-34-M G94511-1212 HNV-38-F G94521-0606 HNV-38-M G94511-0606 Foster GATES H2S G94521-0404 H3S G94521-0606 H4S G94521-0808 H6S G94521-1212 H8S G94521-1616 K2S G94511-0404 K3S G94511-0606 K4S G94511-0808 K6S G94511-1212 K8S G94511-1616 Hansen GATES 2-H16 G94521-0404 2-K16 G94511-0404 3-H21 G94521-0606 3-K21 G94511-0606 4-H26 G94521-0808 4-K26 G94511-0808 6-FFP-38F G94911-0606 6-FFS-38F G94921-0606 6-H31 G94521-1212 6-K31 G94511-1212 8-H36 G94521-1616 8-K36 G94511-1616 QA 29221 00 G94921-0606 QA 29222 00 G94911-0606 QA 29231 00 G94921-0608 QA 29232 00 G94911-0608 Hoffman GATES 2-HP G94511-0404 2-HS G94521-0404 3-HP G94511-0606 3-HS G94521-0606 4-HP G94511-0808 4-HS G94521-0808 6-HP G94511-1212 6-HS G94521-1212 8-HP G94511-1616 8-HS G94521-1616 Parker GATES 6105-12 G95111-1212 6105-16 G95111-1616 6105-20 G95111-2020 6105-24 G95111-2424 6125-12 G95121-1212 6125-16 G95121-1616 6125-20 G95121-2020 6125-24 G95121-2424 6601-12-12 G95621-1212 6601-16-16 G95621-1616 6601-4-4 G95621-0404 6601-6-6 G95621-0606 6601-8-10? G95621-0808 6602-12-12 G95611-1212 6602-16-16 G95611-1616 6602-4-4 G95611-0404 6602-6-6 G95611-0606 6602-8-10? G95611-0808 FE-501-8FP-NL G94921-0808 FE-501-12FO-NL G94922-0812 FE-502-12FO G94912-0812 FE-502-12FP G94911-0808 FE-621-12FO-NL G94922-1212 FE-622-12FO G94912-1012 FF-371-6FP G94921-0606 FF-371-8FB G94922-0608 FF-371-8FO G94922-0608 FF-371-8FP G94921-0608 FF-372-6FP G94911-0606 FF-372-8FB G94912-0608 FF-372-8FO G94912-0608 FF-372-8FP G94911-0608 H2-62 G94521-0404 H2-63 G94511-0404 H3-62 G94521-0606 H3-63 G94511-0606 H4-62 G94521-0808 H4-63 G94511-0808 H6-62 G94521-1212 H6-63 G94511-1212 H8-62 G94521-1616 H8-63 G94511-1616 ?Gates ?8 body size connects with this competitor's ?10 sizes and offers better flow. Parker (Pioneer) GATES 4010-2 G94011-0404 4010-2P G94111-0404 4010-3 G94011-0606 4010-3 G94111-0606 4050-15 G94022-0808 4050-2 G94021-0404 4050-2P G94121-0404 4050-3* G94021-0606D 4050-4 G94021-0808 4050-4P G94121-0808 4050-5* G94021-0812D 4056-4MB G94221-0808 4060-4MB G95961-0808 4065-4L G95966-0808 4065-4MB G95962-0808 4067-4MB G95963-0808 4070-4MB G95964-0808 4075-4L G95967-0808 4075-4MB G95965-0808 4110-5 G94011-1212 4150-5 G94021-1212 4250-3P G94121-0606 4250-4 G94021-0808D 5060-15MB G94212-0808 5060-4MB G94211-0808 5070-4MB G94311-0808 5080-4MB G94411-0808 5090-4 G94111-0808 5205-2 G94080-0004 *Single acting sleeve only. Gates Corporation ®

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