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E c o - F r i e n d l y D i g i P r i m e


P r i m e r

for HP Indigo Printing ? Highly Effective from Start-to-Finish DigiPrime is an environmentally friendly digital printing primer designed specifically for use with HP Indigo presses. It enhances the quality of ink transfer, ink adhesion and rub resistance on paper, film and foil substrates and is recommended by Hewlett-Packard. Easy on Your Operators, Easy on the Environment DigiPrime is a very low VOC, low odor, water-based formulation. It is non-flammable and can be applied using traditional coating equipment, including flexo, gravure, rod or roll systems. With an extremely long shelf life, DigiPrime reduces environmental and financial waste. Optimized substrates can be used with confidence many months later, unlike other primers which can lose their ink adhesion rapidly in high humidity or temperature storage conditions, and must be discarded. DigiPrime exhibits excellent performance on non-porous substrates at very low coating thicknesses ? as thin as 0.2 microns - further minimizing environmental impact. DigiPrime is the primer of choice by paper mills around the world for their sustainable paper substrates because it is repulpable, allowing them to get the most from their valuable renewable wood fibers while providing reliable products for the HP Indigo market. We offer a variety of DigiPrime grades for use on uncoated, matte, semi-gloss, cast coated and metalized paper, aluminum foil, plastic films and even challenging screen printing synthetics including soft vinyls. Emerging uses for DigiPrime include flexible packaging such as PLA films, aluminum foils and papers, used solely or in combination, for food and non-food products. Shrink sleeves and label printing are particularly appropriate for digital printing with DigiPrime. High Performance, Environmentally Responsible, Recommended by HP DigiPrime answers all of your needs for a highly effective, environmentally and operator friendly digital primer solution for use with your HP Indigo presses. It is available worldwide, exclusively through the Michelman network of agents and distributors. For more information: www.michelman.com/Products/DigiPrime The facts stated and the recommendations contained herein are based on our own research and the research of others, and are believed to be accurate. However, no guarantee of their accuracy is made because we cannot cover every possible application for our products nor anticipate every variation encountered in manufacturing equipment and methods. For the same reason, the products discussed are sold without warranty, express or implied and on the condition that purchasers shall make their own tests to determine the suitability of such products for their particular purposes. Seller shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential arising out of the use of or the inability to use the product. Statements concerning the possible use of our products are not intended as recommendations to use our products in the infringement of any patent. © 2008 Michelman. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A. ® Reg. U.S. Pat. & TM Off. 464

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